I had an opportunity to preach at our Central Church 246 and look forward to preaching again soon!

This morning I opened my journal to this quote from Eleanor Roosevelt – “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. It’s been a long time since we last wrote a newsletter. So much has happened and we really haven’t understood what God was doing. But we persisted because the dream God gave us has always been beautiful. We believe God wants to transform our city and our role is reaching students who’ll shape the future of our nation.

Two years ago we were asked to lead our local church, Every Nation Melbourne, the church that had been covering our ministry. It had been pastored by an international couple for 3 and a half years, who flew in and out of the country to fill this role. While we were thankful for their sacrifice and support, it wasn’t ideal and the wear and tear on the team took its toll.

In one sense, the idea of stepping up to lead felt like a step backwards for us. We knew it would take time and emotional resources that had otherwise gone into campus ministry. But we’ve never wanted to be in ministry without a healthy covering and God began to expand our vision to help set up a healthy church that could support a healthy ministry.

The past two years has been a time where God grew our capacity for this task. It finally feels like our church is in a healthy place and we’re seeing more leaders rise up who have a vision to transform this city.

Our campus guys have turned their attention to strengthening the youth and as we’ve started to invest more generationally we’re excited to see the impact they will have on the campus! Here’s a fun video of our youth.

As our congregation is spread far and wide across the city, we’ve been building smaller communities who run bi-monthly church services centred around communion (based on Acts 2:46), accessible to those living in their neighbourhoods. We have four of these services running simultaneously and here is a video of our Northern District.

Family-wise this season has been positive for our kids, all doing well at school (Bethany now in Highschool). They have been hugely impacted by God’s miraculous provision. Both Josh and Joel recently asked Jesus to be Lord and Saviour and they’re all increasing their trust in God as their source of life, wisdom and strength.

Ken and I appreciate all the ways that you have continued to support us financially and prayerfully throughout our ministry and look forward to sharing more testimonies!

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