We’re in a new university semester and it’s our 26th following our calling to impact the next generation on campuses in Melbourne! Even after all this time Keira and I are still as excited as ever for the privilege of serving and encouraging students even as we have been served and encouraged by Jesus.

An unexpected but welcomed English Class.

This semester I’ve been reminded how the seeds we’ve sown in the past can bear a surprising variety and amount of fruit at times we don’t expect. I have dedicated one day to serving at Melbourne University this semester, in addition to my time as a chaplain at Victoria University, and wasn’t too sure of what I would be doing. I caught up with one of the students that I had previously meet through conversational English classes and he told me about his booming side business of bringing in Chinese students to Australia. He was wondering if I would be interested in serving these students he had help come to Melbourne the same way I had served him.

And thus was born our latest iteration of conversational English classes. No advertisement, no room booking, no worries. In reality, English classes are just a convenient way to build friendships. It wasn’t long until I had invited the students to our house for a Chinese BBQ, played some hilarious games of Mafia and then piled them into our van to drive them all home again. It was heartwarming to hear back comments like ‘This was my the greatest weekend in Australia.’

Chinese BBQ time at our place

They know that I do all this because I’m a Christian and I value relationship with others, engaging those different to me and welcoming them into my family. Some of these students have heard of Christianity before but none have experienced what it’s like to be served like this. And they’re amazed. I’m not sure what the future has in store for them but I am certain they will know that there are people who say they love Jesus who demonstrate that love by loving others.

Small beginnings at Victoria University

In other news there’s a little community forming in Victoria University Footscray Park. I meet with Philip and Olaf each Tuesday morning and encourage them with the vision of making disciple making disciples even as they acquire their education. I’ve shared about Olaf before and this is his first semester studying and as a mature age student to boot. Both of these men are passionate about being who Jesus has called them to be and to make a difference at Victoria University. We spend our time together looking at how Jesus made disciple making disciples and pray for the people in their course they are engaging with.

Twenty-six semesters is a lot and here’s to many more. Thank you to all our friends and family who partner with us financially and in prayer. We wouldn’t have lasted 26 days without you.


Prayer Points

  • Pray for God’s provision regarding our partnership development. So far we’ve been able to raise half of what we expect to lose in government income support in December.
  • Pray for continued open doors to serve the community at Victoria University through Ken’s role as chaplain.
  • Pray for the student leaders we are raising up as well as the new contacts we are building relationally with. We want them all to grow more in their journey with Jesus
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