Keira grew up in the country and moved with her dairy, and then sheep and cattle, farming family to various regional districts in Victoria. A city girl at heart, her love of meeting new people went to another level when she enrolled to study Psychology at Monash University.

I grew up in an army family, the first born son of a decorated combat infantryman and his Chinese Malaysian bride. Our family also moved many times, this time all around Australia. I’d be left behind in Victoria, while the rest of the family continued moving, to finish my Geomatics and Science degree at Melbourne University.

For both of us our time at university wasn’t primarily about our studies. Instead a passion was ignited in us to see a generation of students transformed and empowered to bring God’s grace and creativity into, on the one hand, any and every sphere of our culture they moved into, and on the other, any and every hurt and broken individual or situation they encountered.

Many generations of students have graduated since we first had the fire lit in us. I’ve been doing campus ministry now since 1998 as a 4th year student, 2000 as a graduate holding down part time jobs and 2004 when I went full time. Sometimes the fire has burned down to barely warm coals. But for some reason, 19 years, a marriage and 4 children later, my now wife and I are more passionate about what God has inspired us to do than ever before.

To the current generation of students my wife and I say:

‘We are here to serve and encourage’.

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